Friday, July 6, 2012

Hey /r/SanFrancisco!

If you remember, I had a post a few weeks back asking to meetup with a bunch of you.  A few took me up on the offer and it was a blast!

I have been all over the country and world and your city was by far a different experience and one of the best I have ever had!

This is me! (Link has all the pictures of me that I took)

I came out for Army training in almost the center of California.  You are welcome to look at some of the pictures I took there that I can post on the internets.  Included are some nice C-130 shots and a few wildfires/control burns we could get close to.

Here are the pictures I took while there.  They are things that I noticed when on my trip.  They are also what one will expect to see visiting this great city.

I walked and biked the trip far more than I did take public transportation.  I walked 12.9 miles and biked 20.5 for a total of 33.4 miles under my own power up and down your hills in two days.

After meeting a huge number of different people from all over your city, these are my conclusions:

  1. You have the cleanest streets I have ever been to!  I think this might be due to the fact that your city is on a series of hills and everything washes away leaving little to clean up for the residents but it is still quite a feat.  (This does not apply to Chinatown) Your back alleys are cleaner than most city's tourist destinations.
  2. You are as friendly and open as the Southeastern states and just as hospitable.  I was able to walk up to anyone local and simply start a conversation.  One of you had me even crash in your apartment.
  3. I'm pretty sure there are no two buildings in your city that are the same.  The architecture here is amazing and every building is original.  There is something to see in every back alley and I am extremely glad I walked everywhere.
  4. You have the best pizza I have ever had! It is here.  I have been to NYC and other pizza mecca but I do not think I have ever tasted pizza like I did there.
  5. AT&T park was an awesome ballpark but I do not think it deserves the title of the best.  That being said, it was pretty darn cool to be able to watch a game right on the bay.
  6. Your airports were the first time I have ever actually been frisked by the TSA.  No wonder you guys hate them.  Most other airports don't do that.  It sounds like a local issue to me now.
  7. I think you guys have the most record stores per capita than any other city. I was loving it!
  8. Your city is expensive! I don't think I need to say anything more.
  9. I smelled more weed out in the open than any city I have ever been in.
  10. I do not think it is possible to take a bad picture of Coit Tower.

Some additional thoughts:

  1. Seriously, who would build a city on hills like that?
  2. Although it was challenging, I'm glad that I was able to do my usual walking tour of your city.  I got to meet so many more people and see what it is really like to live there.
  3. Biking all the way to Sausalito and back was awesome and definitely worth it.

I updated my Google map for anybody thinking of traveling there.  I took off a couple things and added others. I would say that it is now an awesome two to three day guide for anyone wanting to visit this city.

I missed out on quite a bit so if I could come back someday I would definitely have the following on my itinerary:
  1. Off the Grid (Check the schedule) 
  2. Napa Valley
  3. Lawrence Livermore National Observatory
  4. Actually go in the California Academy of Sciences
  5. Go to an Oakland A's game

Thank you everyone that I have interacted with on this trip, it was a blast!  Also a big thank you to all the redditors that helped me in the planning process and met up with me.

If anyone would like to contact me for any reason (Spelling/grammar errors, suggestions, or just to say hi) you can catch me at Twitter, Google+, or Foursquare.  Job opportunities are always welcome and I am willing to move.

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